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Default Quantum leap meets terminator

This is just a fun idea I came up with just to explore the idea of "what if" the quantum leap universe was in the same universe as the terminator.

I don't mean for fans to take this idea too seriously so it's just for fun enjoy.

Please be aware this story is still being written by me at the moment and I will upload more parts to the story when I have written them.

Part 1

Sam leaping through time in a wash of blue leap energy and light and like all always sam landed in his new time and place.

when the leap finally faded away. He found himself looking through night vision goggles and he could see am impossible war. Machines where fighting humans Lazer fire was flying through the air.

Sam looked at the war in aww and said "oh boy!"

Meanwhile in a sky net bunker a automated voice says

"T 101 online" the terminator factory doors open and a Arnold model steps out with red eyes glowing fully skined terminator.

His red screen vision says

"new mission files updated"

"Proceed to time displacement chamber."

So the naked Arnold walks slowly towards the time machine. The time machine is turned on and sky net uploads the time information of where the terminator is going to into the time machine program.

The round plate inside the time machine raises a little and a metal bridge is lowered for the terminator to walk into the machine.

As soon as the bridge is lowered He walks across into the machine he stands boldly in the center of the time displacement chamber.

Arnold then couches down and then the plate he is standing on slowly raises up into the air and electrical energy starts to build up around the T101 and very quickly the temporal ball surrounds him and with an amazing bright light the ball including the terminator disappears into time.....

New Mexico desert 1999

Near a freeway and near a bar electrical energy starts to appear and hits the ground like a lightning storm and wind starts blowing every where blowing rubbish after a few minutes a ball of energy appears in open desert and after a few minutes the ball fades away like magic the terminator slowly arises with smoke every where around him the terminator walks to the near by road he looks up at the night sky and his red vision screen behind his eyes looks at the stars and says crossing his vision.

"new Mexico desert 1999 comfrimed proceed....."

Arnold immediately walks to the near by bar that has a few mortor cycles outside he enters the bar and after a few minutes from entering the public place gun fire is heard and a few people are thrown out of the windows of the bar hitting themselves on the street unconscious being mortality wounded. And as they pass through the window the glass smashes to pieces every where.

The terminator steps out of the bar in leathers and is wearing a black jacket and black sunglasses he walks to one of the motor cycles gets on the bike and starts the engine and immediately starts to drive off down the freeway road ready to start his mission...

In his red screen vision it says

"proceed and find project quantum leap"...........

End of part 1
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