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Part 3

Sam picks up a capture gun from the gun stores and suddenly he starts to flicker in and out of reality blue light covers him quantum leap light from every part of his body shines then a second later fades away fast. One of the tech com's say

"it must be the terminator who's traveled into the passed he must of effected you some how at the moment the effects of the past are slowly affecting the here and now. At the moment John your in a state of temporal grace we must hurry."

"Sam says I think am dead he killed me in the past."

The tech comm says " the situation is more serious than we originally believed OK let's more out!"

A small team of human tech comms start hunting for a terminator that they can reprogram and send back into the past.

They move out and go into a nearby sky net building where recent reports told them of a sighting of a Arnold terminator.

all the fighter's enter the building looking through their night vision goggles and a red Lazer beem shines from there helmets and shines on the wall like a red dot.

One fighter clocks a terminator Arnold model he is wearing a tech comm uniform. The fighter starts to shoot the capture gun at the T101 EMP rods shoot out of the gun and hits the machine squarely in the chest. Electrical energy starts to spark all over his chest he trys to move but is slowly malfunctioning. His vision starts to go funny and flicker as he trys to regain control.

He aims for the fighter and shots back with his Laser gun he misses and then the human fighter takes a hit.

He falls back behind a piller to try and recover his body armor protecting the human fighter.

The terminator still malfunctioning does a scan mode and looks pointing his gun ready to shot again.

another blast of EMP rods hit the terminator from the capture gun from an another officer just entering the room. Then officer after officer enters the room one after another firing at the terminator until his is overwhelmed and after being so over powered he falls to the floor a chest full of EMP rods over powering his system his red eyes go out.

Sam and the rest of the human fighters lift the machine and takes him back to HQ after laying him down on a bed and linking him up to there computer their computer technical support officer trys to reprogram him.

The computer programmer says to

"this is always a risky business if we get the programming wrong he can always turn on us and kill us all or his programming can go corrupt and can go haywire and then his is no good to anyone"

Sam looking like John replys

"just try your best"

He nods and hacks into the CPU and says OK got it what's his new mission going to be? "

" Sam says his mission is to travel back in time and terminate the terminator that was sent by sky net and to protect me "

The tech com nods and types protect John Connor.

Suddenly Sam says" no type in Dr Sam beckett "

The officer looking confused says

" OK who is that guy anyway "

" I think that's sky net's new target he must not die you got that"

"OK, OK how do you know sky nets going after this Dr beckett guy anyway?"

"I am starting to have new memories of the terminator killing me... Sorry I mean him"

"OK" the officer presses enter on the keyboard and on screen on the computer they are using to connect with the terminator it says.

"new mission files up dated.....CPU

Mission to travel back in time and terminate the T101 sent by sky net and protect Dr Sam beckett......

The terminators eyes glow red and he sits up from his bed and they disconnect him from the computer and the officer says to the T101 "do you know what your new mission is? "

He replys "yes to travel back in time and protect Dr Sam beckett"

Both Sam and the officer smiles listening to the machine.

The officer says "does sky net knows you have been reprogrammed?"

He replies "yes they will attempt to terminate me I must get to the sky net bunker."

The T101 stands up takes a gun from the near by gun stores and starts to walk towards the exit of the building. Sam follows him while the officer says to both of them.

"good luck your going to need it"

Both Sam and the terminator jump onto a helicopter and the air craft takes off immediately heading straight for the sky net bunker the T101 takes a machine gun from inside the plane and puts it out of one of the doors of the aircraft looking for any sky net HKs (hunter killers) as they fly through the air.

As they fly through the air Sam could see all the remains of buildings and cars from the recent past covering the battle field and says to himself "how did we get into this awful situation?"

The T101 replys "humans are destined to destroy your selfs"

Sam thought about that remark for a moment and they spent the rest of the journey in silence.

With out any major issues the helicopter lands and both Sam and the terminator jumps out of the aircraft and they slip into the sky net bunker the terminator leads the way and he shoots all the terminators as they pass in the corridor.

And finally they arrive at the time displacement chamber and Sam checks the computer terminal and is surprised to find that sky net sent a terminator to new Mexico in 1999.

He says to the Arnold terminator

"OK you are going back to New Mexico 1999 to protect me Dr Sam beckett and protect project quantum leap do you understand have you got that."

The machine nods and says "yes" Sam sets the time machine for the same location as the previous terminator. The terminator gets undressed and steps into the time displacement chamber and Sam says to Arnold "good luck my life is now in your hands."

He presses the green button and the machine crouchs down on the plate in the center of the time machine and a energy bubble forms around the T101 and after a lot of electrical energy is genarated the terminator disappears into time....

End of part 3
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