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Default Quantum leap a bold leap forward the next chapter

Part 1

This episode takes place straight after the TV episode "mirror image."

Previously on quantum leap

Sam leaps as himself in Beth's house and when the blue light fades away.

Beth is slow dancing with herself dancing all by herself to (georgia on my mind) in the middle of her front room and Sam steps forward saying.


Beth is startled by Sam being in her front room and she says to Sam

"who are you? And how did you get in here?"

"am not going to hurt you am here to help you, and help Al"


"your a friend of Al's? "

"yeah" Sam looking emotional and smiles continues to say

"am a friend of Al's"

"do you think that we can sit?"

Beth nods looking unsure

Both Beth and Sam sits down Sam on the floor and Beth on a near by chair

Sam takes a deep breath and let's it out slowly.

"I am going to tell you a story Beth"

Beth looking a little confused

"a story with a happy ending"

"but only if you believe me"

"and if I don't?"

"you will" Sam smiles

"I swear you will"

"but instead of starting with once apon a time let's start with a happy ending"

Sam smiles and continues to say

"Al's alive"

"and he's coming home"

Beth is over come with joy and starts to cry. She touches her mouth and the camera pans towards a picture of young Al.

And in that moment Al's picture starts to quantum leap and a wash of blue light covers his picture.

And as it leaps out Sam leaps into the void of blackness.....

Beth never remarried

She and Al have four daughters and will celebrate their 39th wedding anniversary in june

Dr Sam Beckett never returned home.

And thoses words start to wash over with quantum leap energy and they quantum leap filling the entire screen and they disappear being replaced by these words......

And now the conclusion.....

Present day Beth's house

We see young Al's picture again the one that had quantum leaped and as the camera pans across we see a few pictures of Al being with his wife and daughters and we slowly pan to the main front room where both Al and Beth now live.

Al walks into the room wearing blue denim jeans and Jacket and he says to Beth

"Well where ever Sam has leaped he's, he's himself"

Beth says "because there is still no one in the waiting room?"

"yeah and we're are gonna to start a nano second search in the morning"

"yeah but that will take months and by then he will have leaped again"

"why months? It didn't take you months to find him?"

Al turns around and walks near the window and picks up Sam's picture and says moving back towards Beth

"I must have got lucky"

"Luck admiral calaviccl had nothing to do with it"

Beth stands up and walks next to him and Al looks at a picture of Sam.

"the two of you are so close it makes me envious"

Al looks at Sam's picture and puts his hand over his mouth looking at the picture in deep thought while Beth is touching Al's hair trying to ensure him saying.

"you're find him"

"I don't know if I am so sure"

"because that's what friends are for" Beth says to Al

The next morning Al is driving down the desert road driving towards project quantum leap he looks at himself in the rear view mirror and says outloud to himself.

"where ever you are buddy in time hang in there Sam am going to find you and bring you home if it's the last thing I ever do."

With no time to lose Al puts his foot down and the car zooms towards the project...

In the control room gooshie, Donna and the other staff are warming up the time machine about to start the nano search for Sam.

Al runs into the control room and says to gooshie.

"we have no time to lose warm up the accelerator chamber now! and get me a fermi suit"

"no I can't do that, that's against the rules admiral I can't"

Ziggy says

"you can't admiral there is only......"

"do it gooshie! I don't want to hear the odds that's an order!"

gooshie gives in and starts warming up the chamber.

gooshie taps buttons on the time machine and the chamber starts to warm up even more.

Donna says to Al

"what are you trying to do admiral? we are about to search for Sam"

"we need to do more than that, that could take months just to get a lock on Sam brainwaves if I leap now and go after him we have a better chance of finding him, me and him we have a connection."

gooshie passes Al the white leaping suit and he puts it on Al walks up the ramp and Donna says to Al

"are you sure you want to go after Sam Al?"

He turns around and replies to donna

"I've have never been so sure about anything in my whole life Sam saved me once before when he was here and am going to return the favor."

gooshie says "the chambers now ready Admiral"

Al turns around and walks up the ramp and the door opens and Al steps into the accelerator chamber he walks into the middle of the room and the machine starts to blow air and not long he is surrounded with white smoke and as Al starts to slowly raise his arms up above his head he says out loud to himself.

"Sam wherever you are in time buddy lock onto me now!"

And in that moment a burst of blue light comes out of the time machine and hits Ziggy and Al is covered in a wash of blue light and Al quantum leaps into time.....

gooshie walks up the ramp and as Al is quantum leaping gooshie makes a call to Beth and she answers saying


And gooshie says in the head set that he is wearing talking to Beth.

"Beth, Beth?"

"yes, yes what's happening?"

"he's leaping!"

"Ziggy said no but he's leaping!"

"but I throught you not ready?"

"tell Al that"

"OK put him on?"

"I can't he's in the accelerator!"

"Beth, Beth what do I do?"

"nothing..... here we go again"

Al quantum leaps in amazing blue light into time......

End of part 1

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