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Part 2

As Al was leaping and being washed all over with in bright blue light he only focused only on one question and that was

"where is Sam now?"

with his entire being holding onto the hope of being connected with his long lost friend through out time and space.

He felt like he was traveling high above the clouds flying through the clouds at All most at a unstoppable speed.

He knew that as long as he could he would find Sam if it was indeed the last thing that he ever did.

He started to feel that he was lowering himself and he started to fly towards a bar somewhere in time.....?

After a few minutes Al had landed and after the blue quantum leap light faded away he was standing in the door way of a very futuristic looking bar and he said to himself just thinking to himself in his mind.

"we did it?"

Then straight away he found it hard to remember and he said to himself.

"did what?"

He couldn't remember he walked slowly towards the bar but when he tried he found it hard to walk almost immediately because he discovered he was wearing high heels Al discovered he was wearing a dress!

He looked at himself being really confused was he a woman? He didn't remember being a woman he honestly thought he was a man wasn't he?

He walked over to the futuristic bar and noticed a date on a futuristic looking clock it read

"June 15 2019"

Al couldn't believe what he was reading was this truly his own time he wasn't sure he couldn't remember having a mind like Swiss cheese.

with a lot of difficulty while he was trying to walk in the heels he feet had hurt a lot and as he reached the counter he saw himself in the mirror and looking back at him from the looking glass was a young woman, she had dark hair and a very beautiful woman was looking back at him from the looking glass he almost loved himself.

Al touched his face all over and said out loud to himself

"who is that? Who am I?"

The bartender notices Al and trys to serve him and says

"looking for anything in particular?"

Al looks at the bartender suddenly a flash of memory crosses his minds eye and the words "Als place" comes to mind.

He repeats the words as if discovering some thing new

"Al's place?"

The bartender says "Al's place?" looking confused.

And al says "do you know what that means?"

The bartender smiles and says

"I know what that means so Al have you figured out why you are here yet?"

"why am here?" Al saying even more confused with the whole situation.

And at that moment a revelation came to him and he said out loud
Al almost regaining his memory

"Sam! Where's Sam?"

The bartender smiles and points to another man in the bar who is having a quiet drink all by himself a young man wearing a white shirt and wearing dark pants he gets up and is about to leave making for the door.

The owner of the shop says

"quickly before he goes"

Al turns hoping the stranger who is about to leave is this man called Sam but not being able to remember made this experience even harder for him.

He shouts towards the stranger.


The stranger opens the front door of the bar and looks at Al in answer to his name being called and he looks at Al and says


Trying to look beyond the woman Sam could see in front of him and in that moment Sam with a wash of blue light quantum leaped out and he disappeared in bright blue light and when the light faded away no one was left no one in sight.

Al runs up to the door and says to the owner behind him "I've missed him"

"that was Sam wasn't it?" Al saying as he slowly walks back up to the bar.

The owner smiles and nods at Al.

"you know where he's gone don't you?"

The bartender smiles and says

" may be a little, but the question is Al are you willing to do anything it takes to bring him back?"

"anything, he's my friend and I won't just leave him or let him down"

The bartender smiles and says

"God bless you Al"

And in that moment Al is covered in a wash of blue light and quantum leaps into time....

Meanwhile back at project quantum leap

As soon as Al quantum leaped out making his first quantum leap into time , Al's body was left with a stranger inside his body trapped temporarily.

she looks around feeling like she had just been beamed up by aliens she was wearing a white suit of some kind standing on some kind of metal plate. She was terrified.

With not being able to remember who she was or how she got there she could only see one exit in front of her she walked slowly to the exit, shaking in terror and as she stepped out of the chamber she was greeted by gooshie, gooshie said to her

"Al everything is going to be alright ok?"

Al looking really confused said out loud


Donna says to gooshie

"its OK I will get Dr beaks just take Al to the waiting room we have a new visitor with us again."

gooshie takes Al to the waiting room and the young lady now trapped inside Al's body sits down on the chair in the waiting room, waiting for her time to be able to return home again to her own rightfull place in space and time.

End of part 2
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