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Leap date:- April 7, 1970
Place :- Vietnam

(A leap for Al)

Al was traveling through time again and he felt like he could travel through the heavens at a unstoppable speed. Traveling through time felt so unnatural but felt so amazing all at the same time it felt so good it felt like Al was running after Sam through the heavens and hoping that his next leap would be the leap that brings Sam home....

And not long after this Al could feel himself starting to land and after waves and waves of blue light was washing over him finally fading away over his entire body Al found himself standing next to a helicopter.

He felt a little dizzy from the leap in he recognized the area straight away Al knew where he was Vietnam. he knew it and he knew God knew it why he was here he didn't have a clue but he was hoping Sam was close somewhere over the horizon.

Right next to Al was a beautiful woman and he smiled looking at her. She was a news reporter she was trying to take pictures of the scene with her camera. And Al was dressed in a army uniform and he was hoping he would find out soon why he had come back to Vietnam.....

Meanwhile back at the project gooshie was pressing buttons on the time machine and the console was flashing all over with its usual colors.

And a hand link arose from the machine he took the hand link out and started to tap into the device and he looked up at Ziggy and said

"so have you finished tracking Al through time?"

Ziggy replys "I am still trying to lock onto his brain waves transmission in the imaging chamber but I have nearly finished it before the leaping cycle was complete I tracked Al to 1969 so it is possible he is quite close to that time frame try me again in a few hours."

Gooshie nods and says

"thank you Ziggy"

Gooshie dressed in his usual white suit pants and jacket it felt wried to him that now both the good Dr beckett and Al was both now traveling through time and now he was doing Al's job instead by being the main contact for them both. But he knew if anyone could bring Sam back he knew Al was the only one who could do it.

Sam just being lost in time and Al basically on a recuse mission at all costs to bring back the good Dr beckett back to the present.

Gooshie left the main control room and headed straight for the waiting room and after a few taps on the hand link the waiting room door opened and now Al's body being the soul user of the waiting room says to gooshie

"where am I?"

Gooshie replys "I am here to help you"

End of part 3
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