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Part 4

After the platoon returned from the chopper and Maggie had greeted then Al went into his army tent and he walked up to his shaving mirror and he was glad to see a man looking back at him from the looking glass.

He said out loud to himself

"at least I am a guy those heels were too much."

He picked up a near by towel and wiped his face with the towel.

Suddenly he heard the imaging chamber door opening from behind him and it startled Al.

gooshie steps out of the door and a few more taps of the hand link gooshie was with Al in the tent.

Al turns around dropping the towel and says

"who are you?"

"don't you remember admiral?"

Gooshie says looking surprised

"remember what?"

"the experiment?"

Al thinks as hard as he can and replies

"yes a little..... Are you Sam?"

Gooshie smiles and says

"no am gooshie"

"yes I remember the one with the big ego"

Gooshie shakes his head and continues to say.

"am afraid not admiral that's Ziggy the hybrid computer that Sam built for project quantum leap is it coming back to you?"

"a little it's like my memory is all mixed up"

"that's to be expected OK Al you're leaped into army Colonel grimwald and it's April 7 1970."

"I throught I was a admiral? You just said that I was a admiral?"

"Al in your real life you are but the person you have exchanged places in time with is a colonel"

"yes I remember now I have quantum leaped to find Sam. Is he here?"

Gooshie taps the hand link and says

"in a way yes his younger self is a army soldier called magic but you can't interact with him Al we need everything so go the way it did before"

"so why am I here?"

Gooshie taps the hand link and reads directly from the hand link

"Ziggy says even tho you're main mission is to find Dr Sam Beckett. God, time or fate may still be moving you around in time to do what Sam had done before and that is to put right what once went wrong in time if you continue to correct wrongs in time Ziggy computes that you will find Sam in the process "

" OK so like I said before why am I here? "

" we're not sure we are still working on it but as soon as we know, we will let you know "

" OK thanks Gooshie OK go back and help Ziggy will you"

Gooshie nods and Al says

"wait let me see that"

Al trys to grab the hand link but his hand goes through the device and Al says

"ahhhh what are you?"

"don't you remember?"

"no..... Wait of course your a hologram tuned into my brain waves."

"that's right"

Gooshie taps into the hand link and the imaging chamber door opens he steps into the door and after a few more taps he is gone back to the future....

End of part 4
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