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Part 5

Later that evening Al was with all the troops in the bar.

After one of the soldiers was showing off Maggie said to the soldier

"that was inspirational"

And after the mini show was over by one of the soldiers trying to balance a girl on his back while he was doing press ups on the bar. Maggie started firting with the rest of bravo team.

and from across the bar Al could see magic it was strange even tho he couldn't see Sam inside that African American soldier but he knew it was Sam a younger Sam still bouncing around in time with past Al as his guide to support him.

It was strange his friend was so close to him but yet still life times apart all he wanted to do was to tell Sam everything he knew up to this point but he knew protecting the time line was way more important.

It was strange Al knew he had been here before but couldn't remember much due to traveling through time it was like because he had leaped back it felt like his memory's had gone through a cheese greater. He could only remember pieces and pieces of this leap.

And in that moment the head programmer appeared next to Al like a ghost appearing out of thin air and he says to him tapping into the hand link.

"Al don't react to me but let's go outside I need to talk to you."

Al freezes and listens to his new best friend and nods and gooshie walks through the front wall of the shop of the bar into the night time air.

While everyone is distracted by magic talking to Al's past self in the bar.

Al steps outside and says to gooshie

" OK what do you have for me? "

Gooshie taps the hand link and it groans flashing red, yellow and green.

"Ziggy says you're hear Al to save Maggie Dawson from being hit by a land mine tomorrow.

Because in the original history Maggie didn't die but Tom Beckett did but because we know, now Sam saves Tom Ziggy computes a 97.3 per cent chance you're here to save her plus your self"

Al looking confused "me what do you mean me?"

"don't you remember admiral in this point in history your younger self had been caught as a prisoner of war and you won't be released for another 5 years"

"I see OK"

"so save Maggie and save your younger self is why you're here."

"OK that's good to know has Ziggy picked up future Sam yet is he here to?"

The head programmer taps the hand link and says

"for the moment we have done a nano search but all we have for the time being is zero for zero but we will let you know if anything changes but for now enjoy the party."

"OK thanks gooshie."

The imaging chamber door opens and after a few minutes gooshie disappears.

Al looks up into the night sky and says out loud as if Sam's future self could hear him.

"hopefully it won't be long until we meet again Sam"

Al heads back into the bar and enjoys the rest of the party.

The next evening Sam warned all his friends in the bar the night before that zapers where going to attack from the river near by but as before like history replaying it self the night went out with out any incident occurring.

End of part 5
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