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Default Quantum leap a leap on the dark side (jack the ripper)

Part 1

Sam had just leaped from his most recent leap and he was heading towards an unknown destination. Then suddenly Sam started to spin out of control all the clouds he could see in the open sky started to spin and spin out of control and then suddenly Sam felt like he was being thrown away across the sky by unseen hands towards an unknown time zone suddenly as Sam was speeding towards a unknown destination he had never felt so scared in his entire life the blue light that was surrounding him started to turn red and in a flash of red quantum leap light. Sam started to land when wave after wave of red light faded away Sam found himself looking over a dead body and Sam was wearing old Victorian clothes and wearing a black top hat and Sam looked at his hands and too his surprise his hands was covered in blood and Sam said

"oh boy!"

And a evil laugh could be heard that crossed Sam's ears but there was no one about it was like who ever was laughing either came from the spirit world or Sam was hearing things.

He looked at the dead body and Sam noticed the unfortunate woman had been mutilated and Sam quickly left the scene unable to look at the unfortunate scene even tho Sam was a doctor the scene was way too much even for him. Sam quickly lefted Buck's Row Durward Street,*Whitechapel,
And walked into another street Sam was at a complete lost this time he had found himself in a, a very different time the oldest time he had ever leaped to and he hoped Al would show up soon.....

Meanwhile project quantum leap

Al was sat in his office drinking a cup of coffee and then the hand link in his jacket pocket started to goan.

He tapped the link and the device flashed all over and Ziggy was informing Al on the link that Sam had disappeared from his own established time stream.

Al quickly left his office and ran into the control room and said

"Ziggy what's going on?"

"I am not sure admiral but it seems like Sam is no longer bouncing around his time line. Between his birth and his death he may have leaped out side his life time again and if so it could take hours or days or even months or even years to locate Sam."

Al looked at Ziggy and said

"oh boy"

End of part 1

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