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Part 2

Sam noticed that it was very early in the morning now and on this leap it seemed like Sam's mind was merging a little with the person who ever he was? he had leaped into because he knew exactly where he lived Sam walked up to a doss house and opened the front door with the key he had found in his pocket.

When Sam entered the building the doss house the whole house was covered with many different beds all next to each other and lots of people was a sleep in their beds.

Bed after bed after bed rows of them all together covering the whole big room but Sam was lucky anuff to have a room all by himself as he entered his room he closed the door behind him and he looked at himself in the mirror the person that looked back at him through the looking glass was a old looking middle aged man with a very long Victorian moustache. And Sam took off his top hat and his coat and put them to one side and as he got ready for bed Sam was hoping tomorrow would bring a better day for him.

Al stood in the imaging chamber and said

"OK Ziggy go for it"

And Ziggy started the location search for Sam.
and suddenly images surrounded Al and spins around him like a tornadoe and they where starting from just before Sam's birth hoping that Sam haded leaped that far before his own birth.

End of part 2

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