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Part 3

Al feeling really ill seeing all the Images in front of him says

"I can't do it any more, it's too much, it's too much"

Al steps out of the holographic tornado and the imaging chamber door opens and he slowly walks out of the room and down the ramp back into the control room and says to gooshie

"I need a break gooshie I always hate to do these location searches."

"gooshie have you spoken to who ever is in the waiting room?"

"I have admiral but he's not talking he won't tell us anything"

"OK I will see you the morning gooshie"

Al walks back to his office and as he enters the room closing the door behind him he jumps onto his sofa and Al falls straight to sleep.

The next morning Al wakes up to the sound of the hand link in his pocket he takes it out and hits the device saying

"you useless pile of gummy bears" and Al slowly reads the information on the device he quickly gets up and runs to the control room and says to gooshie as he enters.

"where is it?"

"here it is admiral we have a letter from Sam it's very old so please be very careful with it."

Al opens the letter and starts to read it immediately and says outloud


"yes admiral we are loading into Ziggy all the available data we have into Ziggy from that date but it's still going to take time for Ziggy to come up with anything useful at all to say why Dr beckett has leaped their."

"OK gooshie according to this letter from Sam someone is breaking the laws of time but he doesn't know who or what is doing it"

Al finishes the letter and passes it back to gooshie and says

"am going in"

Gooshie sets the controls on the console and says "we have a lock on Sam when you're ready"

Meanwhile Sam was sat on his bed wondering what he would do for the rest of the day when the imaging chamber door opens in front of him.

And Sam smiles and says


As the door closes Al says to sam

"Sam it's so good to see you we thought we would never find you"

"how did you find me Al?"

"its interesting Sam you need to send us a letter so that we can find you right here right now and now according to your letter you will sent it to us in your immediate future"

Sam nods

"so Al what is today's date?"

Al taps the hand link and reads smoking his ciger saying

"OK it's the 1st September 1888 and it's London England, you've leaped out of the country again Sam and its whitechapel."

"isn't that where the famous murders took place Al?"

"am afraid so, yes it is Sam and we're close to it Sam according to ziggy the first murder took place yesterday"

"I was there Al I think I was there I can't be sure but my hands was covered in blood you don't think I could be him? You know The murderer?"

Al taps the hand link slowly and says

"let's not jump to conclusions Sam because at the moment were not sure Sam your counterpart in the waiting room won't tell us anything and we are still loading data into Ziggy as fast as we can everything from this time period so we should find out soon"

"but Al this shouldn't even be possible Al because I thought I could only leap within my own life time?"

Al nods

"normally yes Sam but according to your letter you said that someone or something because you're weren't sure is breaking the laws of time on this leap so until we know for sure who or what it is we just have to sit tight and find out why you're here Sam and get you the hell out of here as fast as we can?"

" OK " Sam agrees and nods.

Al taps the hand link and pulls up the letter on the device that was sent by Sam word for word and Al shows Sam. Sam reads it and says

" no problem Al I will write it just like that thanks Al"

Al also gives Sam the project's address and Al's current date for the letter not to be delivered until 1999.

Al smiles and taps the hand link steps into the imaging chamber door way and says

" hang in there Sam "

And Al was gone.

End of part 3

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