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Part 4

With Al back to the future Sam went to his writing desk and sat down in front of the desk and took a piece of paper out and slowly started to write the letter to the project.

Before Al had gone back Al showed Sam the letter on the hand link so he knew exactly what the letter said and what the current date was in the project.

After the letter was done Sam got dressed in his period clothing and put his top hat on and looked at himself in the mirror with the man looking back at him from the mirror he hoped that on this leap he wasn't Jack the ripper.

Sam put the letter in a envelope and wrote the projects, quantum leap address on the front of it, and Sam left the doss house and posted the letter.

To Sam it was so strange that he was actually in 1888 the streets of London was so different than America. And as gentlemen of the Era walked passed Sam they nodded to Sam and he nodded back as they walked passed.

Feeling like a fish out of water Sam could hear a evil laugh again he looked around and could see no one laughing.

Then the laugh was closer and closer and then someone said....

"Sam, Sam, Sam......."

Sam looked all round him in the street and no one was laughing then he noticed a police officer who was a Victorian officer and he walked up to Sam laughing and as he came up he looked exactly like Al.

Sam looked at the officer and said

" Al??? "

The officer laughed again and grabbed Sam's arm and said

"no sam am him..... Remember.... Who gave you the right to go bouncing around through time putting right what I put wrong..... Do you remember me now Sam?"

"no it can't be you"

"say my name Sam?"

"say it!"

"the devil"

"yes...." he smiles and laughs again

Sam shakes off his grip and trys running away from him.

And in the background he shouts

"Sam you can't run away from me I brought you here sam"

As Sam turned around to look at the police officer again.

Sam quantum leap's in a wave of red quantum leap light as the devil continues to laugh at Sam in a more insane way......

When the red quantum leap light fades Away Sam was looking over another dead woman laying near a back door to the back yard of 29 Hanbury Street in*Spitalfields, London.

Sam shouting "nooo!"

The lady was beyond help and Sam left the scene quickly and said to himself in the early hours of the morning.

"why didn't I leap in sooner to save her?"

And while Sam was lost in throught Sam noticed he was wearing a long black coat and wearing a deer-stalker hat and just in that moment Sam accidentally bumps into a drunk in the street and the stranger starts laughing uncontrollely.

Sam looks at him and it was evil Al again and he says

"are you enjoying your leap sam?"

Sam pushes him aside and continues walking down the street away from EVIL Al

And Al shouts

"don't count on your beloved admiral to help you this time Sam bye, bye sam"

Sam wonders down the streets of London trying to get as far away from the devil as he could.

End of part 4

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