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Part 5

As soon as the devil was out of sight Sam was getting his breath back lining against a near by wall.

Then Al appears out of no where and says

"are you OK Sam? You don't look good"

Sam looks at Al and says

"are you, you, you Al?"

"what do you mean of course am me"

Sam looking really unsure slowly puts his hands up and he slowly moves then forward and they pass through Al's chest and he says.

"can you take your hands out of me Sam"

Sam sighs looking relieved.

"Sam what's wrong?"

"its him he's back again?"

"the devil"

"the devil? But he's not real Sam"

"Al on a previous leap he was pretending to be you....."

"me? You must of been dreaming...."

"that's what you said before OK Al how far have I leaped again."

"let's see"

Al taps the hand link and he says.

"OK it's the 8 of September 1888 and oh God Sam Jack has killed again"

"I know Al I was there"

"what do you mean you was there why didn't you stop it Sam?"

"I couldn't I leaped after she died..."

"after she died?"

"yes Al so who was she?"

Al taps the hand link more as the hand link flashes in the early hours of the morning and reads it to Sam.

"Annie Chapman*(born*Eliza Ann Smith, c. 1841 – 8 September 188 was a victim of the notorious unidentified*serial killer*Jack the Ripper. And she was a flower seller and there has been two murders so far Annie Chapman is the second victim and the first was....

Mary Ann*"Polly"*Nichols*(née*Walker; 26 August 1845 – 31 August 188 was one of*the Whitechapel murder victims.
And she was found body lying on the ground in front of a gated stable entrance in*Buck's Row*(since renamed*Durward Street),."

" that's right Al and I was there both times look at my hands Al"

Sam shows Al his hands and again they are bloody.

"Al I think I am Jack the ripper who was he? Al anyway his real name?"

"were not sure sam he was never arrested...."

Al taps the hand link slowly and continues to say

"Sam if you are the ripper hand your self in now and the murders will end you will save lives Sam"

"I don't think it's going to be that simple Al on this leap I think it's the devil leaping me around this time not God, time or fate I think if I try I will just leap out I think he is just rumbling my face in the murders laughing that I can't change them"

"the devil?" Al looking with unbelieving eyes "Dr beaks I think you should treat Sam as soon as possible"

"well Sam lets try you don't know until you try"

"OK wheres the police station?"

Al taps the hand link and says

"Scotland yard isn't that far Sam I can show you"

"OK let's go"

And as Sam trys to follow Al he is overwhelmed in red quantum leap light and leaps out......

End of part 5

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