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Default Quantum leap Frankenstein

Chapter 2

"leaping around in time I have got used to different types of situations and just like the time I leaped into a vampire it felt like I was again leaping into the bizarre."

Sam started to walk around the room he could see science equipment everywhere and glass jars that seemed to hold very unusual body parts inside in a green looking liquid.

At first it was hard to move around due to the really big shoes sam had to wear but he got use to it.

Sam checked his arm and he saw stitching along his arm like the person he had leaped into did undergo some kind of medical procedure of some kind.

There was torch's on the stone walls nearby just like in a medievil castle.

Suddenly the door to the chamber unlocked and a man bent over comes into the room walking strangely and sam says to him not looking to impressed.

"So i take it you are supposed to be Egor?"

Egor looks really surprised at Sam's answer and says.

"How do you know my name? you where only born tonight?"

"Come on stop this silly act is this some sort of play?"

Egor starts to look serious and says.

"The master Dr Frankenstein will be with you shortly."

Egor brings in some food for Sam and takes his leave bolting the chamber door closed again locking the door as soon as he left the room.

Sam slowly starts to eat the food and Al reappears as if out of nowhere.

"Al you won't believe this I just met Egor"

"Egor? then you have leaped into Frankenstein!"

"No Al I don't believe that plus the monster had no name the dr was the one called Frankenstein not his monster but there has to be a logical explanation to all of this am a scientist I only deal with facts. By the way do you have anything for me yet?"

Al taps the hand link.

It flashes red, yellow and blue.

"In the original history a lot of dead bodies went missing tonight through grave robbing plus a young woman gets killed Ziggy thinks you're here to stop the murder."

Sam looks at Al and says

"Oh boy!"

End of chapter 2

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