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Default Quantum leap Frankenstein

Chapter 3

Egor comes down the castle stone stairs and sees Dr Frankenstein near the main entrance of the castle.

Egor says

"Master! Master!"

"What's up Egor? how is our creation?"

"He is acting strangely sir he even knew my name"

"But that's not possible he only came to life a few hours ago"

"I know what should we do master!"

"You don't think he is mentally unstable?"

The doctor thinks for a minute.

"I don't Think so Egor the bodys you brought to me tonight was fresh no let's give it time he will work out you're see."

"Plus I heard him talk to someone as I left the room it's like someone else was in the room with him master. But he's the only one in the room sir"

"Oh I see well it might be best to run a few tests I hope you didn't bring me a faulty brain Egor!"

"I didn't I just bought you what you wanted sir."

Suddenly a knock on the main door is heard.

Both Egor and the Dr turn to face the door.

The Dr continues to say

"Who on earth would be calling at this time of night?"

The dr goes towards the main big entrance door and says

"Who is it?"

A lady shouts through the door

"I need your help?"

Meanwhile with Sam and Al

"So when does the murder take place?"

Al smokes his ciger and reads tapping the hand link.

"It takes place in the next two hours plus when the body is found ......."

Suddenly Al looks shocked at the words coming up on the link.

"She doesn't have a brain sam"

"What do you mean she doesn't have a brain?"

"It's gone they find her empty remains 6 miles away from here with no brain. This leap is getting weirder and weirder."

"So does she come to the castle?"

"Yes Ziggy says theres a high percentage she's already here."

"Why does she come here tonight?"

"Ziggy says her transport broke down and she came to the castle for help but gets more than she was baring for."

"Ok I need to get out of this room"

"You don't have much time Sam but Dr Frankenstein is going to cut her up soon. In less than two hours from now."

End of chapter 3
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