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Default Quantum leap Frankenstein

Chapter 4

"Hurry Sam hurry!"

Sam runs over to the door and trys to open the door it's firmly locked.

"The door is bolted shut!"

"Al go to her?"

"I won't be able to do anything I am just a hologram"

"I know just be with her"

"Ok gooshie center me on Sarah!"

And Al disappears into thin air.

When he reappears he is standing in the main hall of the castle and Sarah says to the Dr and Egor.

"My car broke down and I just need a place to stay for the night"

The Dr says

"Ah you poor dear the weather is awful tonight isn't it my dear?"

Al trys to say to Sarah.

"Don't tell them anything honey just leave now while you still can. Where are you Sam!"

Looking at the handlink for a update suddenly a loud bang is heared! And a crash of wood being destroyed.

They all look towards the stairwell and the Dr says to Egor.

"It's our creation quickly go and stop him!"

"Yes my master"

Egor goes up the stairwell and sam coming rushing down is he goes past Egor he knocks him out of the way to one side and he hits the wall.

Sarah says to the Dr

"What's going on here?"

The dr trys to reassure her by saying

"Don't worry my dear everything is under control"

As Sam reachs the bottom of the medievil stair way as soon as Sarah sees him.

She runs away in terror and quickly leaves the castle.

The dr says

"Don't go!"

But it's too late she has left the castle and back into the night.

Al says looking at the handlink.

"You did it Sam you're changed history she's safe."

The dr looking cross looks at Sam and says to him.

"Now where am I going to get a replacement brain now as for you"

He takes a gun out of his pocket and shoots a dart at Sam it hits his chest and Sam falls to the floor unconscious.....

End of chapter 4
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