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Default Quantum leap Frankenstein

Chapter 5

When Sam regained consciousness sam was straped down on the metal table he had originally woke up on.

Dr Frankenstein says to sam.

"It's so disappointing that my creation failed because of a faulty brain"

"Am not faulty"

"It's remarkable that you gained speech so quickly but talking to people who isn't there isn't a good sign of our achievements"

Al reappears and says to Sam.

"You're changed history"

"Why haven't I leaped?"

Al taps the hand link to find out.

"See you are doing it even now you have completely lost your senses now haven't you"

"It's not me who has lost my senses you should take a look at yourself in the mirror"

The Dr smiles and says

"in a few minutes you won't have to worry about anything as we will start all over again"

"Ziggy says it's you now is found died with no brain it looks like he was in the process of removing your brain got stopped and left the surgery. Unfinished."

"I need to get out of here Al?"

The dr says

"Who's Al?" Looking really confused on his face.

"Ziggy says you haven't leaped because you are still here to save the person you have leaped into plus you have to shut down this freak show"

"Well I am open to ideas?"

"Sam you're supposed to be Frankenstein's monster"


"That means you are stronger than you think I would suggest for you to raise to the occasion sam."

The dr says.

"Let's start the surgery now shall we?"

He turns around walks close to his medical equipment and puts on medical gloves and starts preparing for surgery.

Sam starts to move his wrists and trys to break his restreats. And after a few attempts they break and Sam gets up gets off the table grabs the doctors gun from the near by table and points the gun at the alarmed dr.

The dr slowly puts his hands up and suddenly the police run into the room and the Dr is taken away by the police.

Al says to Sam.

"Sarah found a nearby pay phone and called the police god bless her and Our Mr dr Frankenstein over here goes to jail for life for grave robbing and plus doing unauthorised medical procedures. And Egor goes with him."

"And what happens to Sarah?"

"Oh she's fine sam we goes on gets her car fixed after a few days and has a really rewarding and successful career."

"So what started all of this?"

"According to Ziggy dr Frankenstein our his real name mark Anderson read marry Shelley's book and got obsessed with the idea of trying to create a real monster as it where"

"And where they really successful or not? Or am I just a actor playing along with there freak show"

"Well we probably will never know but I think there where successful because haven't you seen you're self in the mirror yet?"

"No I have been to busy saving everyone"

"Well you do look like Frankenstein to me Sam"

Sam finds a mirror near the medical equipment and as he looks at himself through the mirror looking back at him from the looking glass was the worst sight he had ever had the misfortune to see he saw a man who looked like he was stitched together and had been put together by a lot of medical procedures.

And as Sam turned away.

He said to himself.

"Oh boy!"

And in that moment Sam was overwhelmed by bright blue light and he quantum leaps into time....

When the light fades away Sam found himself standing next to police close to a nearby house and sam was on the phone connected to someone in that house and the person on the other end of the phone said.

"If you don't get me 20 million dollars right now! I will kill everyone in this house!"

Sam pulled the phone away from his ear for a moment and said.

"Oh boy!"

The end
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