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Originally Posted by LadyKayoss
I made a similar decision; when I moved, I put a bunch of stuff in storage in my family's garage, including (I hope) my QL books, and forgot all about them. For three years, I never gave them any thought, until my interest in QL was revived when I got the DVDs. After practically tearing my apartment apart, I realized that the books aren't here, that they must be in storage, and I have no idea when I'll be able to get them.

That same attitude made me decide not to buy Song and Dance and Mirror's Edge when they came out and were normally priced. I regret that decision now.
Well, at least you have the hope that you still have them in storage. It took ripping all of the bookcases in my room and the living room apart before I finally remembered giving them away. The only two that had survived was my sister's copies of "Independence" and "Mirror's Edge" (which I've now taken possession of). It's hard to believe at one point there'd been two complete sets of them in the house and now I've had to do the "used bookstore" route to get them all again. I think what I paid in S&H alone is probably what I'd originally invested when I first bought them. Oh well, live and learn I guess. You know the next time I'm tempted to give books away I'll think twice.
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