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Well, it seems like the general favorite of the community is Pulitzer. That was a good one, I recall - though I think I rushed through it so now I have to read it again (darn). ^.^

I bought all of my books when they first were released. I came in to the fandom just in time - when Preludes could still be bought new on the shelf, but only barely. That used to be my favorite, before Pulitzer and Angels came out. I, too, had eventually lost interest in QL, though I had common sense. Right around when Mirror's Edge just came out, I decided to buy it anyway. Ended up in a box, unread. I have the whole collection still in the same box. I had given it to a friend, who had kindly given it all back to me when I moved back to CA. Good friend.

Pulitzer is the best, right next to Angels. Angels is a little depressing. I liked Preludes 'cause it was about Sam and Al before they were leaping and I like their friendship - though Ashley McConnell made Al kind of a dumb soldier type. I much prefer Laurie Slicer's rendition of him - genius to almost rival Sam. Almost.

Search and Rescue? Yeah, I just reread the end. 'Cause it's touching - no pun intended.

Mirror's Edge I'm reading right now. It's . . . okay, I guess. Carol Davis is really wordy though. I wonder if she was afraid she might not fill the word quota or something . . . Not looking forward to the end. It's supposed to be the leap before Mirror Image - and we all know what happened there. Death to Universal Executives! It's time for Hostile QL Fandom take over! Or - maybe not so hostile.

And stupid stupid Fox people canceling Firefly!

k - I'm done.
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