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Originally Posted by jmoniz
There were, however, some real "liberties" taken with this episode that are hard to reconcile with actual events. First, "The Misfits" was filmed in Nevada (and the cast stayed in Nevada during the filming), not California.

Secondly, at the time of the leap, April 1960, Marilyn was still married to playwrite Arthur Miller although their marriage has fallen apart and would lead to divorce (January 1961). However, no mention of Arthur Miller or their marriage is made (to my knowledge).
I think they had just started rehearsals for "The Misfits" in the episode. Perhaps they did some rehearsing in California before they went on location. Having cast and crew on location is expensive, and studios generally want to minimize the time they spend there.

It's a little harder to see how they get around mentioning Arthur Miller, but if he and Marilyn were separated, I can imagine that she might not mention him at all, and she wouldn't want to discuss it with her chauffeur or her new assistant. Sam would probably forget that detail, and Al has chosen not to bring it up.

See, we can explain it all away.
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