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Originally Posted by leaper1 View Post
There were parts of this episode I liked, as with all of them.

However, it is certainly down near the bottom when I'm rating them for personal enjoyment. I don't on the whole like the 'real people' leaps, and preferred it when they stuck to the original format.

I appreciate that they can't radically change the way things actually happened (all the more reason to leave such stories alone) but this one was not even true to it's own 'altered history'.
With LHO, they took the premise that Sam saved Jackie, who they claimed originally died. Fair enough as a way to get around why Sam was there, I could buy into that.

In this story though, they suggest that originally Marilyn died at the party but Sam rushed in and saved her. He then has a discussion with Al, which suggests he saved her for 'one last film'. The film which turns out to be the one she renames "The Misfits" in honor of something he said.
Which would be fine, except that when Barbara is trying to wheedle her way in and take Marilyn's place, Al tells Sam "Originally Marilyn finished this movie, but unless you get her to rehearsals pronto, Barbara is gonna star instead" (Not the exact words, but that is the gist of it).
So which is it? Did she "originally" die before that film? Or did she "originally' finish it, and Sam's intervention by bringing Barbara into the house jeopardized it, so that in fact his Leaping in made things worse?
It niggles me, and that spoils the story for me.
I'd just like to point out that this is not actually a mistake. We have seen in The Leap Home Part 2, when Sam asked the journalist to go with them so that there'd be documentation of what happened in the mission, that the effects of what Sam does to make a change in history can be tracked by Ziggy (unfortunately though, this resulted in her death) so that they can figure out the best course of action to take. We also saw in A Leap For Lisa that should Sam do something to change history in a way that GFTW doesn't want, such as telling Lisa not to testify and thereby ensuring Al's execution, that he will be given the chance to fix his mistake.

So in this case, Sam originally saves Marilyn from the drug overdose, Ziggy notices that history has changed and has Al tell Sam that she now stars in another movie. Something happens to prevent Marilyn from going to the audition, Ziggy notices the change and tells Al that Barbara is going to star in it now instead. Sam gets Marilyn to the audition, and GFTW's original plan for Marilyn to star in the final movie is fixed.

Mechanically, the course of events might be difficult to follow, but it still works.
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