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Default QL reference on JAG!

I'm referring to the one that happened in the 8th season of JAG(I think). Bud is in L.A. talking to a record producer, Howard "Howie" Black. Bud followed him outside when Mr. Black was leaving to go to lunch for the 3rd time that day(because apparently "nothing happens in this town unless it's done over lunch.") and after he left, Bud looked down and saw Don Bellisario's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and said, "Hey, it's the Quantum Leap guy!" To this day, I wish I still had the tape of that episode. I know I mentioned this here before, but there are new members here.


P.S. There's also an episode of JAG where it freeze-frames on Michael Bellisario(who played Bud's brother) and his father's name appears:
Executive Producer
Donald P. Bellisario
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