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I like this episode for a lot of reasons. I like Becky and her love for writing basically becuase I share it with her

Possibly my favorite part in the whole episode though was towards the end when Jack Karoac appears at the diner and speaks to Becky and then he looks over at Sam and says
"In the circle of life we all go round, we are many people in many times."
and thinking about it randomly just now I think he could maybe see Sam because after all based on a reference from Al he seemed to spend a lot of his life drunk, and being in that state he should be able to see through the aura. So I thought that was really cool when he looked straight at Sam when he said that line.

Also like Vince said it was a good spin off of Rebel Without a Cause. Saw that movie in english class as a senior in high school, great story. I also very much liked Dylan's charactor as he is a good visual of how being at war completely changes a man and his thoughts and views of the world.I liked how he was the only one sympathtic towards Ernie about his son in Korea because he was there himself.

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