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Originally Posted by Sam Beckett Fan View Post

Would you mind elaborating, what's the instance you feel this way about? I am not following.


So whatever it is you are referring to it's no doubt a necessary character flaw.
Sure. What I mentioned before. Sam in fact DOES have flaws. It happened sometimes that he was so focused on doing the "right" and the "moral" thing that he immediately discarded any comments or visions from Al, even if they were for the better. Kind of what happened in "Good Night, Dear Heart", when Al points out that Sam is getting a bit too obsessed with all the Hilla movies, and he just keeps going. Or in "The Leap Home", the "don't give me that crap, Al" line when he tells him that maybe he wasn't there to save his family. Sometimes, and mostly during this season and in this particular episode as well, I found Sam not being a very good listener, except for the most important things (talking about life and death). Also, and I don't know exactly why, but he gave me the impression that sometimes he kept judging Al for his past, for the way he lived it. The comment on his mother stems away from this self-centeredness and from his (mistaken) notion that he had the word on what was best for the life of everybody. It also happens in "Dreams" at some point. He overlooks Al's opinions and Al just has to give in. I know Al is not perfect, either, and sometimes he's going to be wrong, too, but I'm talking about the reaction from Sam. It's almost as if he hates being wrong or proven wrong because he always has to be right about everything. A major flaw and one of the things I dislike about him. I disagree it's a "necessary" flaw. It's a subtlety I don't particularly enjoy. Understandable, maybe, but not exactly necessary. It's probably just another way for Sam to continue learning... So 90's, if you ask me.
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