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Season 3 hits a slight stumble here. I don't have anything really against One Strobe Over the Line, it's just that it's one of the most forgettable episodes in the entire series. When I recently re-watched this episode I did enjoy a lot of parts in it.

First of all, I liked Edie. She's a well written character who the audience will quickly care about. This, in turn, elevates Helen as a character. It helps that the actress who plays Helen relishes every bit of screen time she gets. She's easily one of the best 'lesser' villains we ever had on the show. The only problem I have with the dynamic between them, though, is that the actress who plays Edie isn't very good, in my opinion. Some of the episodes best moments were often ruined by the fact her acting just wasn't up to scratch.

I did love the whole battle of wills between Sam and Edie and her desperation for the pills. Sam walking her up and down until she was in the clear was another highlight, along with the cats (as a cat lover myself, Edie would be my kind of gal). The scene with the big cat, though...felt tacked on. That whole bit with the lion just didn't really feel as though it belonged in the episode somehow.

My rating. Average. I wonder what happened to Edie's cats when she left? This part bugged me, too. A decent episode overall, though.
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