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I really like this episode, too, although the actress who plays the prostitute was really, really terrible. It has two of my favorite exchanges, though - not that the lines are memorable, but the way they're delivered is just wonderful.

When the mother (who is one of my favorite characters) is dressing Becky to go out of the house, the little girl asks if Sam/Leon is going to kill her. The mom pauses, smiles this beautiful smile, and says (not even trying to answer the question), "Have I ever told you how pretty you are?" I've found that I use that a lot to change the subject - when the kids ask me something that's too painful to explain or answer (usually while listening to or watching the news): Have I ever told you how smart/handsome/pretty you are?

The second is just before Sam leaps. He's cuffed (which we know from previous episodes really bothers him) and being led away. He stops and leans back toward the woman and kind of mutters, "I'm ready to go now." Just the way he delivers that line is so deep and it obviously has so many meanings.
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