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This is my favorite episode, as I have mentioned before on this thread. I, too, like the parts mentioned above. But as I was watching this episode for the umpteenth time, I noticed something I hadn't really noticed before. After Stiles escapes, Al is at the weapons locker, loading what appears to me to be a Glock 17. That's the gun he uses to draw down on Stiles in the prostitute's room. But when Stiles returns to the project, and threatens to shoot Gooshie, Al appears with an air-powered dart gun. This gun, which we can see better as Al walks up to Gooshie, is styled very differently from the Glock 17. My question is, how did Al get the dart gun? Or did he carry both, and we missed him loading and holstering that one? And if he carried both, why did he use the Glock, if Stiles had to be brought back alive?

Perhaps I should have prefaced that with "My questions are..." instead of "My question is..."
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