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As others have mentioned I liked that this episode explored the idea that some leapees were better off in the waiting room than in their own lives. Definitely accurate.

Beyond that I thought the episode was a hot mess and the worst in the Evil Leaper trilogy. The Evil Leapers weren't my favorite part of QL anyway and ties with the celebrity leaps as being the most shameless grab for ratings (in my opinion) but I find 'Deliver Us from Evil' and "Return of the Evil Leaper" to be at least watchable and there are things I like about them. I can't bring myself to sit all the way through this one after the first time through.

Originally Posted by Sam Beckett Fan View Post
Which brings me to Lightning McQueenie's other question regarding a planned rape. There is no way I'd buy the actual Meyers trying that on the actual Liz, she'd probably castrate him. As for Zoe in the role, though I never got the impression that she'd planned to rape Liz, yeah she'd knowingly rape Sam. She made a display of being attracted to him in Deliver Us... as no exception to her having a level of lecherous-ness which rivals Al's.
The first thing she said when she saw him was:
"Who is this tasty morsel?"
Rape is really about power though. Even though Liz was a strong person Meyers was still in a position of power over her as far as the prison structure and raping her was a reinforcement of that power. And she would no doubt be painfully aware of that. She might've tried to fight back but it likely would've gone very badly for her.

Zoey was lecherous and she objectified men and specifically Sam, but she would also certainly be capable of, and would enjoy brutalizing and humiliating Sam or whoever too. She would very much be into the power trip.
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