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Originally Posted by Indiana Leaper
This is really unbelievable, yet again all hopes are dashed. I'm going to put a positive view forward. Is it possible that Don B is proposing his own idea for a movie or series and wants to stop Deborah P claiming any rights to 'his' franchise?

It is clear to me that the only person that can now resume QL is Don B or a studio which has the input or backing of Don B. I have no doubt that in the current time when shows of the past are being resurrected, now is the time to do something. Look at the recent series Reaper-based on the ideals of QL and the recent movie 'Leapers'. If only Don B could wake up and see the potential. I will certainly be sending a letter, it worked in the past and it will work now.

Look at the Stargate franchise. There've been several tastes of QL that have been given to SG viewers. The most recent-aired episode was aired this past Friday(December 12th) where two characters, one regular and one guest-star, switch bodies. It's at least possible that Scifi network either suggested or ordered SG producers to make those body swapping episodes. Also having Paul McGillion in said episode helps a LOT too!

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