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In terms of rights -

Deborah probably controls certain rights to Sammie Jo. Having created that character and written the episode she first appeared in.

Don clearly has a certain rights to Sam and Al. Probably tied to his original Pilot script.

Universal owns the rights to the name "Quantum Leap" and the basic premise.

My main point of reference in this situation is Back to the Future. BTTF co-creator, screenwriter, and producer Bob Gale has said that him and Robert Zemeckis own the those characters. While Universal owns the name "Back to the Future". So Universal would need their approval to do anything with BTTF. Unless they did a movie with the title and no other connection.

So while Don's approval is need for any new official QL projects, he can not do his own thing without Universal being on board either.

Its like with the Beatles. Paul, Ringo, Yoko, and Olivia Harrison all have to agree for any new Beatles projects to happen. Which is very rare!!!

Of course this is just my interpretation based on what has been presented to us!
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