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Well, what comes easily goes easily, and you reap what you have sown. None of us are perfect. We're all only human and sooner or later commit mistakes. When you've chosen the bad route, sooner or later you find yourself with someone who will do to you exactly what you did to others, and then some. There comes a time when all of us have to pay for what we bargained for in life. Even if you don't believe that, it proves itself one way or the other. Time says it all. There's no real "perfect crime."

Just remember that dirty money is money that lives amongst constant fear. Maybe this guy is 125 bucks richer now, but will that ever be enough to pay for his psychiatric sessions? Because the truth is, as Evil as you may think you are, and as winner as you believe you once became through this evil, you're still having nightmares. A lot of them. Most of them vivid enough to crush your humanity right down to the very bone.
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