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Originally Posted by jmoniz
My personal favorite of them all is "Knights of the Morningstar" by Melanie Rawn. I think she did an amazing job of capturing the voices of Sam and Al. I had not problem "seeing" Al and Sam in her descriptions. Ashlye McConell's storylines aren't bad on the whole, I just want to know if she ever watched the same series I was watching. The one thing throws me out of her stories is that she goes with the whole "only Sam's soul is leaping" theory when the series clearly demonstrated that it was all of Sam - body, mind and soul - that was leaping.

"Search and Rescue" I personally found to be the worst of the lot. Again, I want to know if the author was watching the same series that I was. I could neither "see" nor "hear" Al or Sam in the entire novel. The only reason why I finished reading it was the same reason you look at a car accident - it's next to impossible to look away.
I have to agree with you on "Search and Rescue". It was one of those I was sent foc from Boxtree publishers when I submitted "Terror Firma" and I really wanted to like it, because that made it special to me.
Unfortunately, the impression it left me with was that it had been a totally unrelated story about a plane crash that had been submitted to a publisher and rejected, then hastily rewritten to include Sam and Al and the whole QL fixing history angle just to cash in on the franchise.
I didn't get a feeling of the characters from it either.

The other one I found a bit disappointing was "Loch Ness Leap", but I really can't say if that is subconsciously just sour grapes, since they ultimately chose that above "Terror Firma" as the final submission for the year.

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