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Originally Posted by LunarCrystal View Post
Yeah, I may be beating a dead horse - but I never liked the trilogy. The whole thing seemed "off", in my opinion. But, it's the fifth season, and something tells me they were thinking of just about anything to keep the series going.
I agree. I'm not a fan of the trilogy at all and for several reasons the whole thing is just ick. Deborah Pratt was arguably the best writer on the show, certainly one of the best, but the trilogy feels like a self-insert (or Mary Sue as Julia called it in another thread). So, I'm one of the people that brought down the average vote on these. I agree that the whole thing is 'off' and out of character.

When I saw this episode the first time (before Mirror Image) I thought the reason they brought in Sammie Jo as Sam's daughter was to set things up to bring him home. From the very beginning it's clear that only Sam can bring Sam home - Al says as much in the pilot episode. Nobody is as smart as Sam, or understands Project Quantum Leap to the degree that he does. Now they brought into the show a daughter who inherited his genius, his talent for quantum physics and we find out that she now works at the project and has a theory on how to get him home. So, I thought they were setting that up with this character - and that was the only reason I found her presence tolerable at all. Then they didn't even do that.

I mean, as far as we know Sam doesn't have a child with his own wife. But he has this child on a leap. Ick.

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