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Originally Posted by Sherdran View Post
Because it proves that in Part 1 of the triology, that the woman that Sam saw in the fire at the sheriff's house (when he rescues Abgail) really WAS Laura (Abigail's mother), and not a ghost or a mirage.
Whoa.... how is that possible?? How did she get in there, and how would no one else notice? I just assumed her hands were just some skin condition from old age or having those gloves on for so long.

I was wondering though, why did Al exclaim, "Oh God" when Sam lifted her headdress?
I've never met anyone named Ziggy before. What does he do?
She figures things out.
She?? This Ziggy is a girl?
Sort of, yes.
Must not be much of a looker, huh?
I wouldn't let her hear you say that.
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