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Originally Posted by SamBeckettfann
i have read that one about Sam leaping into a best friend made me lol, and i think itr should have been an epoisode, Scott said he was sad he could not do it. i thought it was funny. a little deweeby but funny, especially Sam sucking his tumb in Donna's arms through the mirror. hehe.
I wish they had made that one too. Seeing Sam/Scott in a diaper, bonnet, rattle, and pacifier, with giant "mommy" arms coming down into a crib to pick him up would be too hysterical. Sam would only be able to talk "baby babble" around his "mom" then go into regular speech with Al. I could just see it...

*Sam in the crib is talking to Al as the baby's mother walks past the doorway*
Sam: Al, look at me! I'm a baby!
A': *laughing* And a pretty cute one, at that.
Sam: Come on Al, just--ba ba, goo goo *baby squeal*--just tell me what I have to do so I can eat solid food again!

So much fun stuff could have been done with a ep like that!

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