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Default Re: Timeline Changes & Daughters

The interview specifically says that it's Sammy Jo Fuller (the same Sammy Jo that we saw in Trilogy) and that she is a 20-something college student in present-day (2005). Yet, according to canon, Sammy Jo was conceived in June 1966, which would make her date of birth approximately March 1967. No amount of time-travel can alter the date that someone was actually conceived, otherwise it would be a completely different person genetically.

The only thing that would make sense to me is if Sammy Jo's physical body got displaced in time sometime after 1978; like if someone leaped into her and they got stuck, or if they died or something and caused Sammy Jo's aura to "relocate" in time respectively. Even though it's science fiction, it has to be somewhat believable for it to make logical sense.

I had posted my theories on this a while back, but I think they got lost in the crash.

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