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Originally Posted by colter
Just read the article where Scott mentions the leap back convention. In it he states that he is ready to get back to a television series. Wouldn't it be awesome if that new series will be a new Quantum Leap. With all kinds of past shows getting remade or updated ie; Knight Rider, Bionic woman etc... I strongly believe that Quantum Leap will definatley be back on the small screen. Here is keeping my fingers crossed.

I have no doubt that Quantum Leap will be resumed in some format.The feature film sounds exciting...if it went ahead and was successful then a new series could follow...the interest as shown by the website is still very strong..Only today I sent Universal an email asking about Quantum Leap and its possible return in some format..I await a response from them and will of course post here if I hear anyhing..The time is right for this series to return, the fans are there, Scott Bakula is clearly available..its now up to Universal or others to take up the challenge..I believe it will happen soon.
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