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Originally Posted by TheLeaper View Post
I don't understand how Thames thought Alia was still in the box when it was actually the officer. Why was he detecting her brainwaves in there? Also did they cut out a scene. Suddenly Al and Thames claim the electrical force field around the prison was preventing the evil project from locking on to Alia and Sam.
Well we have to remember that when Sam and Alia leapt to the prison, they leapt into the box. After that they were sent to wait in the lobby at Myers' office, and then in the closet where they did the hypnosis to disguise Alia's brainwaves. Really, there were only three places where Alia's true brainwaves had been - the box, the lobby and the closet - so it makes sense that while Lothos is scanning from the brainwaves, that it might pick up some residual brainwaves from where Alia had been.

Also is this the closest date (1987) Sam has ever been to home (with the obvious exception of Leap Back)
Yes I believe so. Although in some of the novels I believe he leapt into the '90s.

Originally Posted by TheLeaper View Post
The end of the episode suggests the force field around the prison prevented that from happening.
Ah yes, I'd forgotten that, thank you
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