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I've mentioned before that i'd like the series to be called "Quantum Leap: Re-Genesis" or "Quantum Leap: Regenerated' or 'Quantum Leap: Resurgence'. Maybe just 'Leaper' or 'Quantum Leaper' would do.

Sure 'Re-Genesis' isn't actually a word, but it's similar to 'regenerated' and is a play on the pilot episode "Genesis" I guess i can coin the word to mean 'rebirth, to come to life again, a new beginning'. Plus they all kind of have the word 'gene' in them which has a subtle reference to Sammy Jo being a biological relative of Sam and therefore the reason she leaps & can see Al (?)

In any regard i think it does needs to have the words 'Quantum Leap' in it but it needs to be able to be differentiated from the original series, but 'Quantum Leap: A Bold Leap Forward' is just a little too long and i agree 'Bold Leap Forward' does sound a little corny - like it would have the tag line 'One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind' (ha!) Hey, how 'bout 'Sammy-Jo's Wacky Adventures in Time'
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