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HEY ? the title is THE most important facet of this project! They could hire a 1000 monkey?s working at a 1000 typewriters to write the script, shoot it on a home video camera with a bunch of models as actors and wave blue cellophane in front of the screen to simulate a leap as the special effects, but as long as they get the title right ? it will all be OK.

Don?t get me wrong I?ve got nothing against ?ABLF? and you?re right shouldn?t that technically be ?A Bold Leap Backward?? But isn?t the point of these fan sites to discuss ?what could be & what we want to see? ? is it totally pointless and a complete waste of time? Of course. Will someone who has creative input into the project ever read it and say ?that?s a great idea lets use it?? Hell no. But isn?t it just as valid to look forward at even the smallest possibilities, such as a title, as to look back debating ?If the bartender was God? or ?If Sam & Al ever met? - without going to all the effort of writing a virtual episode (bravo to those that have/do)?

I do like ?Quantum Leap: Traveler? good idea! Other ideas that come to mind, ?Quantum Leap: Accelerator? ?Project Quantum Leap? ?Quantum Leap: Phase 2? But hey, if we?re going to *steal* existing sub-titles my vote goes to ?Quantum Leap: A New Hope? It has relevance considering the proposed storyline and I?m sure George Lucas wouldn?t mind (sarcasm). But maybe a more realistic one is ?Quantum Leap 2: Will-probably-never-eventuate?

As for a theme song (after a new saga sell) I would suggest ?Maybe I?m Amazed? (originally by Paul McCartney) as performed by Jem (as heard on ?The Music from the OC: Mix 2?).

Pros; this version is sung from a female point of view, it has (possible) references to the storyline & could also reference the surrogate father-daughter dependency relationship of Sammy & Al. Cons; would probably cost ****loads & it?s a little slow ? but hey so is Enterprise?s.

(Second half of verse 1)
Baby I?m amazed at the way you pulled me out of time,
Hug me on a line.
Maybe I?m amazed by the way I really need you.

Maybe I?m a girl, maybe I?m a lonely girl,
Who?s in the middle of something,
That she doesn?t really understand.
Babe I?m a girl and maybe you?re the only man
Who could ever help me,
Baby won?t you help me understand.

(Second half of verse 2)
Baby I?m amazed at the way you help me sing my song,
Right me when I?m wrong.
Maybe I?m amazed by the way I really need you.

Of course everyone will just say ?use the original theme music?? and they?re probably right. And maybe I?m reading WAY to deep into the emotional depth that would be present in this series ? it?ll probably be like ?Charmed? (read: light & fluffy).
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