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Default Re: What's in a name?

And here's the QL logo by itself captured straight from the DVD.

Finally, a high-res, crisp, clear QL logo that anyone can use on their website, instead of the pixelated GIFs that have been floating around for years.

I carefully knocked out the dark blue background to make it completely black so it can be composited into any dark background.

Once Mirror Image is out on DVD, I am anxiously awaiting capturing the "empty leap" at the end which just leaps into the darkness. Because then we'll have a crisp, high-resolution example of William Powloski's awesome leap "spider web" effect which could be used for any other leap effects. Up til now, I've been playing with 3D Studio Max and 2D animation programs to try to simulate it.

Knowing my luck, Universal will have a change of heart and fully cooperate with Don Bellisario on the remaining DVD sets and as a result, the leap out of Mirror Image will lead straight into a 10 minute promo piece about Quantum Leap: Traveler.
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