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Originally Posted by bluedana
If you're going to fault Tommy Thompson for using the tried and true "last minute win" theme, well, gracious, I can think of at least ten sports movies (some brilliant and some okay) that use that trope.
What?! what "last minute win". I didn't even thought about it! I'm just saying that the plot of Sam leaping into a Footballer/Baseballer/etc that suppose to win a match and help his "colegues" have a better future is a subject that were "chewed" too much in QL.

Originally Posted by Sam Beckett Fan
Plus baseball was not the entire fpcus of this episode he also had to make Chuckie's father a part of his life again and help the kid striegthen up.
That wasn't part of his mission in this leap. it was just a "bonus".

Originally Posted by Sam Beckett Fan
In fact all the episodes you listed have a focus to them besides the sport
In All Americans there was also the issue of Chewy's illegal mother,
and in The Leap Home there was also the conflict of Sam choosing family over the real task given to him. So a winning score in the themed sport was not the entire focus of the episodes. There is a deeper meaning in the tasks than just getting the winning score in the themed sport. He had to make sure that Chewy gets his scholorship to college and that his basketball team got better futures, meaning jobs, families etc... and for this episode again, the father needed to be convinced to be in his son's life again and help him strieghten up. so hun you can't just look at the fact that he's playing a sport its more than that.
I'll Explain myself-
a very similar(not exactly the same) theme - in this case -Baseball.
changed names, places- Obviously.
the supporting roles - this time it's the randy owner, A grizzled manager is right on the money, A hot shot hitter who'se ruing his own future By drinking to anesthetize, and having so much anger in him.
Sam mission - Wins the game and give Doc another chance in the first League,and as a bonus - saving a young man,who reminds Sam - Al, future.
In "Genesis" the mission was - To win the game.
in "All Americans" it was winning a game and give chewy and his host scholarships that will help chewy becomes a doctor ,and as a bonus to unit 2 people - his host father and chewy's mother and have a better life.
In "The leap Home" it was wining a basketball game and help his closest team mates gets scholarships and live a better life.
So tell me isn't the plot lines are very similer?!

I want it to be clear- i'm not even trying to compare between a great episode like "The leap home : part 1" to any of the episodes i mentioned.
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