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Default A rockin' idea (is it?)


i got an idea for a possible three parter season ending for s10! the first one would be saving a family from a series of catastrophes leading most of them dead, but Sam would save too "many" people and one of them would grew into a bank robber - who gonna kill Sam & his father on the last occasion they met - but anyway, Sam leaps, time changes, next leap - HE IS NOT THE LEAPER! PQL is working, only most of what Sam did didn't occur, the tech is lower, Ziggy (who is Alpha) is dumber etc etc. The second episode is about the new leaper and st john (from leap for Lisa) saving the Beckett family.
the third ep with Sam back would be the long awaited leap home, only wrong time again - 10 hours to present time. At the time of the leap, two visitors arrive to the PQL, both claiming to say, they know how to bring Sam back, but wont tell anyone, except their demands are met. meanwhile sam tries to stop an accident on the past PQL, which is just about happen in the present.
plus we find more out about the dead leapers and on top of all john Beckett.
plus, Al, the bartender gets ONE line...

the title would be In Memoriam

I've written two pages from the first one, when I realized my ideas of the big thing just wont make it out as a whole story without little nuances and things. But I am no good at that.
I am either looking for a co-writer or somebody who'd help me with little ideas.

please respond!

with you in leaping:
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