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Default NY Attractions and more

I'm so excited I paid for my flights to the USA and a few internal flights as well.

I leave Australia on the 7th March and head for New York. I'm a bit anxious traveling there on my own, I have a few bus tours organised but I don't really know what to do and see there. Any ideas? I am there for 4 nights. I'm so looking forward to flying out of La Guardia and seeing if the airport really looks like the episode Play it Again, Seymour.

Then I fly to South Dakota and I will be driving for 10 days heading south to Missouri via Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa and possibly Kansas. I will be visiting the sites of my other favourite TV show/books - Little House on Prairie. Are there any attractions that I shouldn't miss in the general area?

I fly into LA on the 21 March and can't wait to spend time with all you leapers, especially Bexter. Leave LA on 1st April to Sacramento to visit family and then fly home on the 11th April.

Any help on what to do in NY and SD, MN etc would be greatly appreciated as I have never been to those locations and I will be on my own.

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