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Default Quantum leap the greatest leap ever told!

Chapter 1

With a wash of blue quantum leap light Sam leaps into his next time and place but who will he become next?......

As the waves of blue light flows over Sam when the light fades away Sam finds himself standing near a very long table in the middle and people are sat to his right and left. He was wearing white robes looking very ancient in appearance.

And in the act of leaping into his new time zone he was holding a loaf of bread and he broke it in two and said.

"this is my body eat and do this in remembrance of me...."

And Sam without thinking passes the bread to his followers and at that moment Sam realized what he had done just said and done and he says.....

"oh boy!"

"I can't be Jesus? Can I?"

Sam was starting to panic and at that moment of reflection a bell rings out and the director says.

"cut!, cut! Take five people!"

Sam feeling relieved that he was on a film set and not really the son of God, Sam looking up to the heavens and says.

"thank you"

putting his hands together like he was praying.

All the actors leave the set and the director approachs Sam and says.

"is everything OK? You looked quite scared for a just a moment"

"am OK I have just leaped into the part so it's still new for me and a really big step really."

"good, good go back to your trailer and take it easy we're finished for the day anyway."

"will do thanks"

Sam leaves the set and he looks for his trailer it was easy to find as his trailer had a sign on the door that read

"Jesus christ"

Sam opens the door of his trailer and gets inside and closes the door and as soon as he is inside he sits on the sofa and Sam says again

"oh boy! "

suddenly the imaging chamber door opens Al steps out and the door closes behind him and Al smoking Says once he has taken his ciger out of his mouth and he has seen Sam.


"Al?" with a very disproving look on his face

"sorry Sam I mean you look just like Jesus this is definitely different Sam"

Al smiles.

"Al for a moment I thought I really was Jesus"

"well you definitely look the part Sam you even got his beard and long hair it suits you Sam"

"very funny Al So why am I even here?"

"well let's see now shall we"

Al looks at the hand link and he taps the device and he reads from the display.

"OK Sam it's 1979 and your name is brain Jones your have been a professional actor all of your working like and now you're filming The Jesus story but there's only one problem"

"what's that Al?"

"the film doesn't get finished Sam after a few more days on the project production gets put on hold and Brain never finishs the movie....."

End of chapter 1
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