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Default Quantum leap the greatest leap ever told

Chapter 3

"ok Al I'll finish the film"

Suddenly Sam starts to feel dizzy and Al says to Sam.

"you don't look well Sam"

Sam falls to the floor unconscious.

When Sam wakes up Al looking over Sam says.

"are you OK buddy?"

"sorry Al I just felt very tried suddenly it must be all the work on the film zapping my energy."

Al looks at Sam and says

"Them that dance with The Devil Sam are bound to get scorched"

Sam looks confused for a moment and says to Al looking a little confused.

"what did you just say Al I've heard that before.... But I can't remember where from"

"Sam take it easy get some rest Ziggy says you're on again in a few minutes to do a very important scene in the film"

"what do you mean Al were just wrapped up for the day there's no more filming until tomorrow"

"not according to Ziggy Sam I'll go back and see if I can find out more"

"you do that Al"

And suddenly Al disappears into thin air.

Suddenly a knock is on Sam's trailer door and the crew say.

"sorry brain we need you back on set in 10 minutes"

Sam looking really tried says


He gets up and when he leaves his trailer and goes back onto set the director says.

"sorry brain to bring you back but we need to film the temptation in the desert scene now please."

Sam nods and walks onto set and gets in to position and the director says to Sam.

"Them that dance with The Devil are bound to get scorched."

"what! It's that saying again where is that form?"

The director says

"action! I said action!"

And near by near the set Sam sees a goat.

End of chapter 3
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