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Default Quantum leap the greatest leap ever told!

Chapter 6

After Sam had said "oh boy"

Al was near the set and said

"You where great Sam"

Feeling really, really confused of what has just happened on set.

Sam walks to the director and says

"Was the scene to your liking?"

"Of course just as we wrote in the script"

Sam had a odd look on his face and left the set and as soon as he got back to his trailer Al was waiting for him inside.

"Al he's back?"


Then for a moment Sam wondered if the devil was pretending to be Al again and just wanted to make sure.

Sam tried to touch Al's hand and his hand passed right through Al like a ghost.

"What's going on Sam?"

"Sorry I just had to be sure"

"Be sure of what?"

"The devil's back Al"


"I have seen him before don't you remember Al when I saved Tully from the falling ladder. The devil pretend to be you on that leap."

"But that was a dream Sam"

"Am not so sure."

"He took me to an actual desert and showed me my own time he tried to do a deal with me he said he would send me home if I made a deal with him"

"A deal with the devil?"

Sam nods in agreement. Looking a little bit unsure with himself.

"Can't you see how all of this sounds like?"

"I know but I swear it's all true I didn't play that scene how you saw me play it"

"But I saw you do the scene perfectly as they wrote it. "

"The devil must of changed reality some how."

Al then says

"I think it's best dr Beck's gets involved a.s.a.p"

"Am not crazy Al"

"I didn't say you, where I think it's best you get some rest for the night and I will see you in the morning ok"

Al taps the hand link the imaging chamber door opens Al stands in the door way and he says.

"Night night sam"

And with that Al was gone.

Sam got out of his costume and put on his nightwear he looked at himself in a near by mirror and as he saw brain looking back at him.

Sam said to brain in the mirror

"I know what I saw am not going crazy it was the devil and I have got to do what it takes to stop him if I can"

Sam cleaned his teeth and gets into bed and falls to sleep hoping the morning shall spread some more light on the situation.

End of chapter 6
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