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Default Quantum leap chapter 7

Chapter 7

Sam woke up for yet another day of filming.

He got dressed into costume and when he looked at himself in the mirror.

He stopped him self from saying Jesus.

There was another knock on his trailer door and staff said through the door.

"On set in five minutes please brain!"

As soon as Sam was ready he left his mobile home.

And the director says to Sam.

"Ok brain we are filming Jesus on the cross scenes today you're got that?"

Sam nods in agreement looking a little nervous saying to himself.

"Oh boy I have to go on a cross!"

Sam wasn't looking forward in getting on a cross high above the ground.

Then suddenly staff starts to scream. Near by.

Sam runs and he finds one of the crew members died a set light had fallen on them and killed them instantly.

Sam looks at the poor unfortunate and says

"Oh boy" to himself

Al appears out of no where

And sam turns around and says

"Why didn't you tell me Al that they where going to die?"

"Sam don't blame me or Ziggy we didn't know anything about this?"

Sam remembering thoses words from a previous leap he reachs out and grabs and touchs Al's hand!

"It's you!"

Al makes a goat noise

And disappears in a red glow.

The director says to brain

"What's going on?"

"You wouldn't believe me if I tried"

The film crew phones a ambulance and when the dead crew member is taken away.

The director says to everyone

"I know we are all shaken up by the recent death but the show must go on people let's get to work!"

Sam gets into position.

And the director says


Al reappears and stands next to sam and says

"Sorry Sam Ziggy had a little malfunction and I couldn't get to you quickly."

Then another Al appears next to Sam on the other side with both Al's looking shocked looking at each other.

The new Al says to Sam.

"Don't believe anything he says his the devil"

End of chapter 7
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