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Originally Posted by Al's Handlink
I am not a big fan of Blood Moon, nor am I a fan of Roberto, The Beast Within, or Thou Shalt Not. One episode that I was never really fond of and have not seen here yet is Dreams.

That one freaked me out when I was a kid. I can watch it easier now and I appreciate the way it tries to go for the gross out factor, but it is still not one of my favorites.

Some of the episodes mentioned in here are favorites of mine however. Trilogy Part 3 is one of my favorites and I really like the idea of Sam being Sammie Jo's Father. Because, think about this. If Sam had not fathered Sammie Jo, when he died, that is the end of his line. We were never told about him ever having a kid with Donna, so would you rather he not have a child at all. I personally think that someone as good and smart as Sam, it would be a shame to not pass that on to the next generation.

Trilogy part 2 was definatly the weakest of the Trilogy eps though.

But I thouroughly enjoyed Pool Hall Blues and Good Morning Pioria. And someone mentioned the ep where Sam leaped into a young Al (A Leap for Lisa) Personally, that is my all time favorite. Shock Theater was great too.
Dreams Creeped me out too at first but that's why I believe in Second chances, with the exception of Goodbye Norma Jean they never fail to change my mind.

Another one that creeped me out before Kristen forced the second chance on me because she wanted to see it and her mom would not watch that ep is Shock Theater. It's just so sad, and the shock thing is creepy. But after the second chance, I now like it, although I still find it sad.

Originally Posted by bluedana
Hey, I never said I disliked The Last Gunfighter. Sam in Western wear saves that one for me.
Sorry I thought I saw it on your list but looking back, that was Heart of a Champion, an ep that's right up there with it on Krtisten's and my list.

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