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Originally Posted by Al_Calavicci View Post
HaHa! Yes,I can imagine a whole day of listening to cartoon sound effects could become tedious. I will rewatch my Jetsons DVD box set and post time indexes for different episodes where the bleeps and blips are heard.
I appreciate that. Certainly I recall sound effects that sounded vaguely similar with computers and elevators and such bleeping and blooping, but to me they're just that -- similar. Unless we find an exact moment in a specific episode of the Jetsons with a Ziggy/Handlink sound, to me it's just a coincidence that the sound effects sound alike.

I've gone through dozens of Quantum Leap episodes and have so far isolated about 20 handlink sounds that are clean enough to use. I have a few more to go. It's amazing how footsteps, crickets, voices, and other background noises can ruin it for someone who just wants the sound effects.
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