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Originally Posted by feldon30 View Post
I fixed the second YouTube video I posted so it no longer displays a "No longer available" message.
Thanks! Just watched it.You're probably right about the Evil Leapers handlink,popularity wise. Personally I liked Zoey's handlink more than the one Thames had.
As far as recognition,I think serious fans of the show would recognize it,but probably not anyone else.

One of the things I really liked about Quantum Leap,which make it an unusual sci-fi show for its time,was the fact they DIDNT attempt to make the Ziggy computer console,the handlink and the other technology drab,nerdy and semi realistic looking in any way.instead they let their imagination run wild and created colorful,cool looking futuristic devices that didn't look like something that might exist in the near future or could be explainable in any way. I always felt that was remarkable. After the late 60's you didn't see that much anymore. everything had to somehow be "beli

To this day I still think the best robot ever made was Robby The Robot for the 1956 Forbidden planet movie. That Flying saucer and all the sets on that movie were incredible and look futuristic. Nothing looks futuristic now. Now all the shows are dark and drab looking and the spacecrafts are ugly and have to have rivets and seams and pipes and all sorts of junk to make them look "realistic" because apparently people cant suspend their disbelief and accept anything too wild,it has somehow be grounded in technology as we know it,to all look like something that might be possible. I love the design of Al's handlink,how it's very abstract and has colorful light up shapes for "buttons".

-=-Al: Ziggy says the odds are real good.
Sam: How good?
Al: Oh, you know. They're way up there.

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